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zlibwapi.dll missing

Offline ChelsIx

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Yes, I guess it's a (common) issue, which I can resolve.

-rebooted my pc
-verified again

all pwi, epwi, patcher, launcher and client are whitelisted by antivir and firewall.

still say zlibwapi.dll is missing. Used the patch pwe_pwi thingie. I wonder how it can be resolved.

Offline Agatio

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Your client could get corrupted during download. The only fix for this is downloading it again (preferably by torrent) 

Offline ChelsIx

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Wasn't the case. However it worked by use of another pservers folder. Up until character screen, after the client shuts down...

welp, this brought up just another problem...

systemsettings.ini file and Layout folder gone, verifying.

ok, you was right I guess. it seems corrupted. back to dl then xD
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