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OC Creation w/ Jolly Cooperation ♪ヽ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v ♪

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OC Creation with Jolly Cooperation ♪ヽ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v ♪

Let me disclose this by saying this isn't really a contest, it's just a community thing I thought would be neat. So lately I've been trying to learn new art styles and have been practicing on characters here and there. Well I figured the best way to keep track of any progress made would be to compare the same character so that the differences are just the progress and not the character itself. I thought it could be fun asking you lovely peoples of the forum for some ideas/help in creating an oc (original character) rather than using someones specific character. Would this count as written works? Iunno. For practice sake I will be needing both a female and a male character because as much as I hate it I need to deal with drawing males eventually.:-X

[So here's what I'm after]
~ Give it a personality. How does this character behave, socialize or enjoy his/herself in everyday life?

~ Grant that character a situation. Even if I'm not drawing a bg, having a character in a specific situation can help shape how he/she is portrayed.

~ Give history. Similar to situations, history can shape how a character is later portrayed.

[Format or lack thereof]
Feel free to write the characters description in a short story type format or bullet points etc, whatever you feel will help get the idea across best. It can be based off perfect world, yourself, something cool you saw online, anything to get ideas flowing. You can place reference images if you think it will help however I don't want direct "looks" to be included such as hair color/eye color/outfit etc in either text or images. I want the descriptions of that characters life to put an idea in my head rather than using flat guidelines. Though not to say references can't include them, if you think an image will be what gives off the feeling of a personality then go for it. Just don't expect it to look the same. Also, feel free to post multiple entries for female/male/both if you have several ideas! The more the better.

[Final Form!]
So as for the reason that I consider this "Jolly Cooperation" is because I most likely won't just be using one persons entry unless it's insanely inspirational and can't help it. But my guess is descriptions will have bits and pieces that I'll be able to combine into one final character. As stated previously I'm shooting for one final female and male. 
There isn't really a deadline for this, it'll just keep going until there's enough pieces or one really good one that can inspire an oc. At which point I will announce who's descriptions I'm basing the character from and quote the areas I like in particular. From then on I'll use those two characters for practice and post any/all drawings I make of them into this thread (Which brings me to why I posted this in here and not the written works thread). Keep in mind those practice drawing/wip's won't come all that often since I have other things to do between life and commissions/requests. This isn't what I would personally consider a contest but I guess if there's a prize to be won it''ll be to see your ideas come to life?? 
Anyways go nuts and have fun!

p.s. there really shouldn't be a reason for people to pm me anything regarding this so pls no pm flood ty
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