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Ayee I barely log in, Busy with work and other personal endeavors
But My gf and I started playing Star Wars - The Old Republic ( SWTOR ). Its f2p MMORPG with donation options obviously '.'
Check it out, the game is d0pe , you dont need to be a star wars nerd to play so chill, unless you already are L3L4L
Ayeee gf picked a feggot song for her toon but its ok,  :normal-33:
These all ranked pvp matches been playing for 2 weeks  ;) AYEE peace m3ngs stay easy  ;)

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Good video boss, liked the songs  :police:
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I liked first song
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i have no idea what's going on

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seems cool xd
nice vid, music was good too. im quite familiar with the first one

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pretty much what Pavle said LOL , but nice video 

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Looks confusing but fun xdd good video

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