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Outcasts☆ v Artifex | MG PvP by Merg 16/08-15

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Footage of the mass pk earlier. I had fun, hope u guys did too.  Enjoy this one  :police:

Because of copyright garbage the vid cant be played in "Germany".  Im Sorry for that.
(Try to change proxy or some sh1t)

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GoodGame GoodVideo GooDOuscast Well Played bro :normal-42:

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It was a good and easy pk ;p
nice vid

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We are strong nice video bro

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nice music man  :police:

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Awaaaa was a nice pk <3 , best songs broder keep it up :)

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Nice gameplay as always bro
Another Video for this man  Good good Outcasts :)

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Was pretty good pk, nice video.

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School of witchcraft and wizardry up in this bitch~ 
First song best  :police:


Nice Video Liked the music
I missed out on some good pk, hope to see you guys today

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Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback  :police:

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An hour and a half of straight destriction. Easy PK, Godly players, Nice video.

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I think zanto best demon ea, can see the godly triple fury destroying all