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xD Annoying music

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LOOOOL wtf is this :normal-2: :normal-13: :normal-3:
Mr.Robot :normal-4: :normal-4: :normal-4:

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nice video 9/10 cuz music  :normal-2: :normal-2: :normal-2:

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AW LOL it must be so enjoyable to play barb in air pk when they are in ground haha , wat is that song tho   :)) , i had to mute and put one myself sorry  :rolleyes: , nice video

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best music

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there's maybe too much potatoes in this video  :normal-2:
enjoyed watching

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Big sux like Skazy

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Didn't watch the video, came here for the song! Ba ba ba, ba ba na na, fucking tune right there

ty Astralis for awesone sig


LOOOOOOL da best  :))

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Nice Video lov aka potato guy :-*

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Big sux like Skazy
Alpha 1x?

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on topic nice video like music xD

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xpen will carry on through the years thanks to players like you guys and your cute made up stories :tiger-48: :tiger-48: :tiger-48:

much love  :-*