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Outcasts☆ vs The Holy Alliance™

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Outcast + Artifex* should be title , beside that was fun pk 

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here they come with the excuse of artifex. There was only Xia and Subzeroo. We pked with Artifex before we pk vs you , and unknows was there too , so i don't see where is the problem . You just seem so mad losing with Alliance on your side , feels good doesn't it ?  ;) Was fun pk , the mini map was always so confusing too lol ... 

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"He sees me coming!" Priceless lol
Why the *** did you have 3 eps in pt? I was struggling alone in ours gg...
OT.: nice video, easy pk, not a big fan of music but meh  :rolleyes:

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get 3 more alliance you wont win vs us we are superior 

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Nice your knock down actually worked a couple of times did you buy Microsoft  ???

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media section needs to be removed already



media section needs to be removed already
I agree, there are only a few high quality videos anyways

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It was Easy pk

GF artifex
GF warning + alliance

Outcast #1

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destroyin wat?
o.O cant believe u ppl were still dying

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