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R8 and Account stash


My safe is full of R8 (even inventory expansion isn't enough)... And I came up with this idea of removing Account Stash restriction (keeping class restriction, reputation etc.) so I can save up some space from both my inventory and safe :(

I remember people (in PWI) creating multiple characters to bank their mats and stuff. There is no reason why this shouldn't be implemented as we keep class restriction still.

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i can go make a demon sin now
lvl it to 150
acc stash all my sht
5.00 for farming
acc stash all sht back
3.33 sage for pvp
i lose nothing aite?

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You can't be serious.

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Not a good idea, sorry. 
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 I wish if r8 was stashable
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proof of disbanding
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Far too late for such huge game change.


Not a good idea, sorry.
I don't wanna sell all my stuff to npc D:


Far too late for such huge game change.
Idk if this is possible but we should get a safe expansion like inventory expansion.


I like this, i always wanted to play sage archer without farming all the gear 

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