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Heroic Battle not porting me back inside

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Each time I attend Heroic Battle on my barb, I die inside of the instance and have to do the one minute wait to be ported back in, via quest.

Each time that I take the quest, I wait for the 1 minute cool-down and once it gets to the final seconds..

00:03 ... 00:02 ... 00:01 ... 00:00 ... 00:-1 .. 00:-2

Then the quest disappears, and I'm not ported back into the instance. It doesn't matter how many times I do the quest, it will not port me back inside.

Offline Agatio

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Your game must be v114, current version is v117. The TP should work with at least v115.

Offline ℬʋttɦҿαɗ

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 :normal-44: Funny event, one team have 20 ppl other have 10 ppl, or something like that.

Offline Agatio

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Quest is assigning players to team at random, sometimes too randomly. But I figured better way to draw teams, so it will be improved really soon.

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Simple solution; don't die in the instance  :police:


I had the same problem until I auto updated to v117... which fixed the teleporting problem