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PC of 130+lp genie?

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Hey guys just want to know what is the price of a 130+lp genie?

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Depends on the type, on average it'll be around 10-12K EC though.

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Not worth it. That's what it's worth...  :normal-21:

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Depends on the type, on average it'll be around 10-12K EC though.
rofl ?!?!?! thats why a zeal/discipline 130LP can go 30k-75k right? roflll

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I think it really just depends on which kind of genie and exactly how much lps it has, then ofc the seller(if they aint a greedy fcker)

130-135's go for max 80k
135-139's go for as much as 200k depending on the lps :rolleyes:

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i got both 120LP and 129LP genie, the difference is almost nothing.
(can't even notice their difference)
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Every single LP makes the owner sexier and way more attractive...

About ur question, it actually depends on the type of genie,

Zeals are expensive than Disciplines and Disciplines are expensive than other genie types etc...

Zeals after 130 LP
Base 80K ec, every LP 20k ec
Discipline after 130 LP
Base 60K ec, every LP 10K ec