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buy supply tokens with gold

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since most all gear needs sts then let us buy them with gold ..then you get more votes lol..right now only nw bh's and tm's give us supply tokens..and we never have enough since we cant stash them or trade with ourselves lol..please Agatio make them be for sale in GOLD...  hugsss

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Would make supply token too easy to obtain -1

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Would make supply token too easy to obtain -1
This. Huge -1 to suggestion.
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-1 very bad suggestion. Would make ST too easy to get.

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Lolno.... think before advise....


stupid suggestion



no explanation needed.

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No...-1, Stupid Suggestion.............


I thought about this before when I was engraving my R8 ring for better stats. As I kept thinking about what would happen next if this was implemented.

1. Game Economy would be destroyed. Everyone would be able to engrave ornaments as much as they want and this would literally prevent people from selling good engraved stuff.

2. Nobody would join Nation Wars. One of the reasons why people join NW is because of it's ST rewards, do you think everyone would join NW if ST can be bought so easily?

3. Empty GM events. People usually join these events for fun and the prizes given out. People would just convert all their ST to Event Tokens and events hosted by GMs would be empty.

ST is one of the items that keeps people bonded to the game. Since we have people going for max engraved stats, people would just donate and engrave till they get their wanted stats.

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No lol too easy to donate for mucho gold

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Avatar made by the secsiest Angie

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suggestion made by the same person who wanted to remove "ganking" from mass pk, what to expect 

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i mean ofc but only after he removes GankinG from game man its so annoying...yeah

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-1. Stop screwing the economy.
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