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Game Crashing

Offline vampire819

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There Is This New Problem I'm Facing In The Game. While I Start My Client I Receive This Following Warning And Then After 2 - 3 Minutes My Game Crashes. I Have Done Everything .. Reset Toon .. Downloaded Client Again .. Updated Graphic Card Driver .. But Nothing Is Working.
Please Help.


Offline Agatio

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1. Uninstall and then install your graphic card drivers.
2, Open  Nvidia Control Panel (should be available as hidden icon in the Start bar (bottom-right edge), go to "Manage 3D settings" tab and then "Program Settings"
3. Click "Add", choose Perfect World (look for epic perfect world by directory), confirm, apply and check again

Offline vampire819

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This Worked But For A Bit Only. Now Game Crashes In Every 15 - 20 Minutes . :(

Offline Harry

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Check for missing .dll files.