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Jade Dynasty in EPW

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  • Jonathan
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Hi :3 I noticed that many things in EPW come from JD, which I really like. I tried out JD once and really loved the Ardens. Would that be possible for EPW to have their own class made just like them? Or any other special race/class that is made by EPW. I'm sure it would be loads of work and I know they are working hard with the 2 new classes coming from the original PW, just wondering, since I really don't know how it works but I find it interesting ^^
i think  loads of work   is not enough to describe the ammount. New classes and all stuff(except our customs) are taken always from the original PW which is developed by China or something. i'm not sure our GMs can do this. They can make changes to adjust the original game system for our server but to make a whole class with skills and so....nop. 

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too much work considering eventually agatio and team will already be focused on working on a new class

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Thought so. Just finding it really interesting to mix that 2 games. :3