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NPC to switch engrave positions

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Can we have an npc that can switch positions of current ornament status for example my ornaments atm have 2 attack on top and 11 str on the bottom it would be nice to have an npc to switch the position of them to 11 on top and 2 on bottom and vice versa that way all ornaments can match +1/-1.

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the OCD in me says +1, but everything else in me says if you don't like the positions of the engraves i can trade it for a clean one if you want :monkey-50:

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Good to know I'm not the only person OCD about my engraves. Doubt it's possible but +1
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Impossible, but I wish. My OCD goes off the charts.

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I wish. If this is possible, +1 though
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+1 if possible.


+1 if possible
-1 if not possible


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Waw everyone here has ocd must be a hard life.  
-1 waste of time imo

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bummmp for agaito to see


bummmp for agaito to see
Everyone's suggestions are impossible. ^-^

#Periphery Ask GMs to lock the thread as this suggestion is not gonna happen.

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is this farm post thread?.....

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sir Agation could you add an npc that has quest "Order coffee" while you are at it?
I find myself being bored to tab out game pick up phone and order.
Ty in advance ^-^
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Finally useful suggestion +1 verry smart!