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I apologize profusely if this is in the wrong place, or just an inappropriate post, but I need some help finding a guild that's a good fit, and having read through many of the guild blurbs I'm no better off than when I started.

I'm 32; I have a neuro-muscular disorder (and some loss of vision) that seriously hampers my ability to do 1v1 PvP competently; nonetheless, I'm quite active, often in-game 12 or more hours daily. I have three venos, a sin, and a cleric -- all 150, all with r8 weapons with 22-28 attk levels, all with dragonscale and warsong belts, and all with an ascended cape and upgraded ring. All of my alts are fully outfitted with all the Morai and Primal skills (including Shackle on my cleric). I do base quests obsessively on all five alts EVERY day, without failure. A component of my disorder is I stress easily and I therefore avoid random squads -- I self-squad for my BHs on the five alts. I will do TW and NW with people who understand my circumstances and not yell at me if and when I screw up. In a supporting role, I'm an excellent, on-the-ball veno and cleric. I will never be *the best* and I'm comfortable with that.

I've played EPW off and on since 2012 -- full time for the past six weeks, with no intention of returning to PWI.

Bit more about me -- I've played PW for six years, along with WoW, TSW, SWtOR, GW, GW2, and LoTRO (and probably some others I've forgotten). In some respects, I guess you'd call me a hardcore gamer; though, I tend to focus on economic aspects of the games I play. I'm also a tactical/strategic player, relying more on finesse than wham-bam-hurry-up. Generally, I'm very laid back, no drama, and tend to be quiet in chat environments. I'm also helpful (as warranted) and polite. I rarely, if ever, ask for help.

I'm looking for an active guild -- one that can actually muster 10 members regularly for GM DS events, TM runs, FSP, and BHs. The guild should understand and patiently tolerate my physical limitations, and it should be willing to accept all five of my alts -- as I said, I play all of them and have no *main* per se. Nice people, with mature leadership would be a huge bonus. I live in the US Central Time Zone, and my playtimes are commensurate. If you're looking only for a warm body, without regard to the foregoing, please don't contact me.

These are my alts:

AbbieMancer (veno) 150 Sage
SalleeMancer (veno) 150 Sage
SarahMancer (veno) 150 Sage
Absinda (assassin) 150 Demon
Solitaira (cleric) 150 Demon

[and for the inevitable "why three identical venos?" -- they are my moneymakers and I personally find them easiest to play, given my circumstances -- voice commands and tons of macros. I also like venos :)].

Thank you in advance for kind, helpful responses.

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You will probably have some trouble finding an active faction willing to invite all 5 of your toons, most factions that are actually active don't allow more than 2 or max 3 toons per person.
That just as a side note.
I think Overseers might suite you well, they pk some but aren't purely focused on that like lots of other factions are and also pve etc.

Good luck finding a faction  :monkey-23:
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Thank you, Neve. :tiger-23: :tiger-23: :tiger-23:

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I suggest ArchEnemy, I believe we could be a good place for you to be in, I personally would have no issue with playing with you as i'm sure none other in our guild would. You won't be able to have 5 chars in here, 2 at most but you would have our alt fac to put your other chars in. We're a guild focused on PVP but doesn't mean we have discarded doing BHs/TM/FSP. We also have a very mature leader which is great to control youngsters like myself. If you have any questions feel free to pm any of our officers in game.

Good luck and hope you find what you're looking for.

Best regards,

                                    Captain, Director of ArchEnemy

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Join Decollate bruh.

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Overseers is 99% your best bet.
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Cresenda, I have a new guild called WarGods, we are all adults and are all friends and pretty well laid back, we presently have 34 members and we all came over from PWI, you can imagine why, too greedy over there.  Nevertheless, we would be willing to take all of your toons and as far as your disability, it matters none to us as a few of our players have the same problem.  We are friendly, talkative and we don't pvp, we are here to have fun and enjoy the game.  If you would like more info, contact me, BluBru.  Have fun and good luck choosing a guild

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Hi Crescenda, im lead of Socmel a nice guild with nice ppl in.
We do something of all and we don't care about ppl attitude on pk or not,
simply in our faction we don't force anyone to play a style he don't want...
so we could be right for you maybe.
You' will always welcome in our family if you wish to joni us.
Contact me Antaresx in game or any of my graduate we will be happy to invite you ;).


join rawr the best guild ever  :P