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Why do you play EPW?

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Hey everyone!
I'm curious, why do you play Epic Perfect World? What keeps you hooked? Personally I love the people I've met and I'm a very competitive person so PvP is fun :)

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To seek attention on forums and in pixels, brings me great joy  :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police:

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i dont know tbh

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Too scared to go outside

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because i like killing people


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because i like killing people
Me too
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Because nowhere else can I get people to tell me to shut up just by posting in a thread, sticking to the original guidelines. 

Being an HA veno draws some serious aggro. Who needs Raging Slap? I've pretty much got that skill on a -3 second cooldown with no cast or channel time.
Pelnar - Literally Teemo
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 I have no clue why i play anymore.

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edate, fash and drawingsssss ;)
probably because of people i know for years
ow nerd
edate, fash and drawingsssss ;)