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Pokemon Veno Pets Debate

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Hello, id like to make a suggestion I personally think it would be freaking awesome to have veno pets that look like Pokémon. Im a veno and every patch I eagerly await new pets here's an idea that is unique and is consistent in ideas for new pet looks. It will also only bring more attention to the server due to simply put.. Everyone loves pokemon.

If It is possible id really like for support in this idea

First Starter Pokemon in episode one not including Pikachu but is still a want O_O

Then so on as Creator feels to add

Any ideas to make this more of a possibility please don't hesitate to state them below.

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+1 so I can watch my charmader get brutally  killed and punched in the face by warriors and sins.
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Moko, Apocalypse, Zingendro got easied.
Biggest joke players in server got shown their place.

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No froakie, bad only

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Ironic xd

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+1 I would really love it :D

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Uh, don't know why this is titled "debate" since there IS no debate. Everyone will +1 this cuz hello poke's are cuuuuuute o.o

No debate. +1 only. Good job :D
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You forgot gen 6 starters and pikachu is a starter in pokemon yellow heh. 
I +1 even tho its probably a pain in the ass to make 'em,  but eh it doesn't hurt to ask. 

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A big +1. I LOVE THIS SUGGESTION! Nominated for best suggestion 2015.

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+1 for this! sounds like fun ^^
Lucy my lovely wifu! <3

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I would probably die if it happened, but I'm sure it would be really difficult to create if even possible.

Take care, lovelies! ♥

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what about digimons ???????? or myb even like from goku* sevent tails  eaight tails etc*

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We'll see.
I have to think about it.
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