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I was just testing ok..

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:normal-9: I wanna start recording mass so as a test on what my laptop can handle graphics wise
I recorded this 1v1 of Alex and Geo '-'

Feel free to give me tips I am full baddie at editing.


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LOL that song  :))

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.. Really, you had to record this  :normal-21: :normal-20:

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.. Really, you had to record this  :normal-21: :normal-20:
:normal-2: I sowwy

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18/10 Kiddo dead :)) ;) ;)

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They better both stick to APS 

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sexy alex and op video of my qt girl :3


top tier song, 10/10 cause it has Geo's death


this song made the video keep it up ;)

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looks like 2 cod easy bots fighting each other
Kinguin no chance my friend - PashaBiceps

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That music is insane  ???



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That music is insane  ???
:normal-12: The music is good?!