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mobs at worms afk spot

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since worms pking (thanks em :ss) ppl sig at their afk spot , but these mob are annoy , dont let ppl to sig ...
can make em dont take aggro when ppl are near em ?
would not hurt anyone
:'( :'( :'( :'(

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make all mobs non aggro or atleast in the pk spots if it's possible,
it is annoying when you got mobs on you and cant sig..

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 >:( +1 cuz esra bad
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Remove mobs from west archo, remove mobs from croma, remove mobs from Hidden Orchid, Remove rancor event while china and their allies pking ....  :normal-20:
i'm sorry Esra but this is worth ...

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I'm pretty sure those mobs do some kind of channeling debuff so it's probably a good idea.
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Remove all mobs.


+1 our afk spot is the most "visited" one on the server right now :)

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and spawn a NPC that keeps yelling in red chat every time someone sigs there.."Welcome to Worms AFK we hope you enjoy your stay"


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+1 our afk spot is the most "visited" one on the server right now :)
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+1, its annoying and i see no point in having such thing messing with pvp
we have enough pve...
 could u make an automated auto reply in redchat every 20-30 minutes that says ' English in worldchat'   ? since asians are pking more often and in big numbers like artifex, they got also the bad habit of spamming trashtalk including other languages
so a 'watch your language' and 'english in worldchat' would be appreciated :S

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also remove that annoying scorpion thing from Village of lost while youre at it


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also remove that annoying scorpion thing from Village of lost while youre at it
No don't kill him!
He is a cursed prince who is forced to live as a scorpion untill someone rubs some bacon on his head to break the curse and transform him back! 
Unfortunately i always eat the bacon before i can get there :(
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-1 because sometimes i kill those mobs for fun when boredom hits me

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-1 because IMO pking means adapting to whats happening around u, otherwise u should remove mountains cuz annoy, remove rivers and w.e.
Or just make a flat 13219301293290x2139213092130 square where people fight, aka pretty boring.
its fun finding funny ways to use those to pk and this comes from someone that gets permantly ct debuffed by those brown ponies and that results in me=DEADERED by asian snipers 3 sparking on my face