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Hey guys,

I'd like you posters to be my financial consultants again :<

So I just hit lvl 150 and got rep for my r8 gear. Now, I'm broke in terms of in game coin and supply tokens :< (bear in mind, my stats on the r8 sucks)

So...I need advice/answering on some of these things, remembering that I'm basically trying to get PVP gear as fast as possible:

1) How do I farm for more Supply Tokens/Recast mats?
2) Should I ignore recasting r8 gear for now and farm Cube Neck/Warsong Belt? HOW do you farm those two?
3) How do I farm for the Supreme/Ascended Supreme Robe?
4) Tips on farming EC as a cleric?
5) I've got 1.4k EC...should I keep saving it up, or should I be looking to spend them somewhere? Which gear parts?
6) Should I just use my shitty R8 gear for now (currently using mix of lvl 130/demonic gear) or does it cost too much to transfer refines and gems each time I recast?


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1. Supply Tokens u farm through NW/BH/TM Lunar... Recast Mats u either buy from other players/from forges or do events where u get Event Tokens like Ares and Morai on saturdays or u join a faction that does Trials
2. R8R is more important than ornaments
3. do 12 runs of TM Lunar and get the basic cape then upgrade it with Supply Tokens and Seal of War at the NW forge
4.Make a sin...
5.with 1.4k ec you can in theory buy rings... or r8r mats... or u can invest them and do some merchanting
6.use r8r gear... refine is pretty much free on this server and putting stones in costs close to nothing too...
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1: NW, BH's, Daily quests, and LGTM. Plus there are some ONE-TIME only quests which reward good amounts of ST too (see the Goshiki sidequest chain)

2: Get your R8 done first.

3: Get 12 runs of LGTM done, get your cape, and upgrade it with supply tokens and SoW at a NW forge.

4: Do everything you can, excluding GV IF YOU CAN HELP IT.

5: Save up and merchant. :)

6: Use your r8 gear, it'd be much better than the 130/140 gears out there atm (use Dragon if you have it tho, and ONLY IF you have a full set.) It costs literally nothing to transfer refines/gems here.


1. Doing NW every Friday/Sunday should help, and most of all do your bh daily.
Check out this link for more options:
2. Assuming you are a cleric by what you said in #4, at least farm some Dragon accessories to suffice and then focus on your R8. Note on the link *DS necks can be farmed for 6k obc within NS island - but for cleric I would suggest a cube neck instead.

Link is here on how to farm these

3. I believe this is still the relevant method of farming your surpreme robe, you will then need to do some farming in NW to make it ascended.

If you are going to be a support cleric I would suggest having an ascended dragon robe, which you craft at the same forges in North Arch etc.

4. Again a lot of this information is documented in the guide section

Participate in as many events as you can, and be smart about buying + selling. Being that you are a cleric it would be very helpful for you to join a PVE/farming faction for now. Many of these types of factions will take a cleric even if you are slightly under-geared.

5. At this point I would recommend saving your ec. Focus on getting some decent dragon ornaments first. Do not spend your EC on reshaping etc directly at the forge. Consider buying a weapon/armor/accessory token for a channeling dragon 150 glaive + dragon robe (as I mentioned above) + a dragon top (Many clerics use a mix of r8 + dragon gear when supporting) as these are often used in cleric pvp / support.

6. It doesn't cost anything to transfer refines, only gems will cost a small sum of ec to make and then imbue into new gear. Refining to +12 at any elder only uses one dragon orb or w/e its called. Use your r8 for now even if it is "shitty", and focus on getting those few dragon gears I mentioned in #5.

Hopefully this helps a bit :-\ ... I don't main a cleric but I have one. Am just basing this information based off what I did and what I have commonly seen. If you have any more questions you can pm through forums and I'll try to be of some help O:-).

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