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warsoul weapon

 I think its better if you edit the weapon from warsoul spirit and make a OP weapon so we can play something new about this game. I know its expensive to craft this weapon  but its worth it for op weapon  and if this will happen I think instance will be more lively like TT mats and other dungeon and benefits also in economy and more competitive to each player.  sometimes balance are boring sorry for bad english

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We need the reshape warsoul weapon from the NW forge.

Bow exemple : DATA BASE PW

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Lol i fak you

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-1 for obvious reasons. Dont see the point in adding this. Server don't need something OP like this.
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-1 for me. only rich ppl can do it so how about a poor guy or not a donator??
if they did that might as well just give the tt orns the add ons like normal so u can have .05 int orns for aps if u wanted too lol.


Those attack levels would go if it was touched at all. -1

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Working on good r8 takes enough time, introducing new OP weapons would kill r8 farming purpose. 
Besides, that would crash the balance of the game. 

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Some other pvp servers i know got warsoul with 30 attack level and a bit less phy/mag attack. So it is the same as r8r with normal stats.

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-1. I don't want to pve a lifetime for that wep. Gears are fine as they are right now.

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There's nobody better.

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Don't think people want, or need, anything else " op " to farm. Takes long enough to have good status on one single R8 toon, consider also some people play more then one class. And for sure no one ever wants to farm or run an instance over and over countless times ,so i doubt this could be a good idea in any aspect.



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Actually farming a WS weapon is not as much farming as u all think.... but still -1
The moment when haters become fans *rofl*