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Trial of Infinity

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I'm asking if is possible to avoid all the digging quest (trees or water rocks)
when you do this trial.
Last time my faction got it we needed 2h in ten ppl on dig to accomplish,
and the sad thing is.... you can get till 4 time in the same Trial......  :pig-14:

It's really frustrating when happen, so i'm asking if Agatio can delete this option in future update.
thanks :pig-42:

Offline antaresx

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I see many have read, but got no answers :(

GM, is it possible to do what i'm asking?


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Only Agatio can reply to you about this :/
Trials configuration is a bit diferent than the normal coding in the rest of the game :/
Please be patient.

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sorry if i offended you but i solo it mostly and i take 15 min each round. takes me 1 hr average to finish tthiis trial. But yes its the most frustrating trial among 9 trials. And if you are really unlucky it may take forever. But  with 10 ppl active its sould not be a trouble.
And sone time mats are different from different digs. So remember the name of tree and rocks you dig.

Offline antaresx

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Still waiting a reply from Agatio if is possible to apply what i'm asking.
I repeat, the digging quest in this trial is boring and long
plus you can get more than 1 time in same trial........is it possible to skip?
I really apprechiate it.
Or maybe jump from trial 5 directly to trial 7 ;P :P

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a option to skip GT6 is nice, but i think digging is better than the air mobs in GT6.
i don't have any problem with digging part, anyhow its easy for ppl who got bot to use for picking the mats from ground.
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GT6 is okay like it is... sometimes u are lucky... sometimes u are unlucky with quest... whatever... what i d prefer is that it should be openable by Marshal too instead of just Leader+Director
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