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best mystic/wiz/veno in epw

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Want to Know who is best in game on those classes and why  O:-)

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why don't you just make best of classes thread .. instead of wasting your time creating new account every 4 mins to make best of each class....
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Best mystic is Ahed ;)

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Best wiz is 1337.

There's nobody better.

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Why bother making new threads about this...just ask in 1 simple thread xD
Mystic-Maxime/Frizzle/Mystic_heal(pretty good healer)

Just my opinion
I'm also not gonna put myself on wf list cuz I'm really bad xD

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Actually my best mystic was Faultless, Rozaria, Frizzle, Butterflies
Best wiz was Solomon [idol], Swink idol, Riel idol, 1337 idol, Redix idol
Best veno was Ellinoire, Stiffness, ^-^


mass pk best mystic Scintilla :normal-25:
1v1 Faultless Apprentice

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Mystic :Faultless
Wiz: 1337
Wf: i think Bewitch and APPAWOLLA or w/e was the name


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