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Who is the best barb in EPW server??

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guyes wht do u think who is the best Barb in epw server and why??  O:-) O:-) i have seen many barbs bt i really dnt know who is best .. plz guyes tell me who is best barb and why u think so tht he is best??  :) :)

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why u post in media :o

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LongDD is best barb i ever fought
Colorblind best tank barb i ever seen

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I recently came back to epic and would like to know this too, I main barb so it would be interesting to know who is my main competition. I know Xaros / Uxhaul were pretty good dps barbs before I quit, but not sure if they left game. As for tank, Grim or TANKERxX back in the day were best no doubt 
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1v1: Xar (strongest) and Uxkhal (almost as good as Xar) rest are wannabes

Mass PK: WasteDump/Caesar (strongest, fastest) Tarasque (almost as good as Alpha) I would put my wb but don't care about alt 

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1v1 is  Xar and Uxkhal btch and ofc Skazy
Mass Pk is Caesar , Alpha, Conbag, Tarasque, also Xar and Uxkhal btch and Skazy ofc those idols nvr exists :normal-4: :normal-8:

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1vs1 : xar and uxkhal and kareem's dumb wb he is actually really good in 1vs1 matters

mass pk : wastedump/alpha/tarrasque

cata : tigas/baxaxe/labs/nakota

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Xar Bigdady pedja Krume 

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I'm waiting for it. I'm only commenting so I can get notifications. But when he sees it, this will be hilarious.
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Lucy my lovely wifu! <3

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Kinguin no chance my friend - PashaBiceps

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tank guess it goes to Colorblind
TaNk for mass pk
1v1 : Deno, LongDD, Xar

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