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Hi, I've been having an issue starting EPW. First off, I'm only given one option which is to play it off of WinRAR. I've deleted and re-downloaded EPW and it did the same thing. This being said, every time i attempt to play it (i've tried all sorts of routes such as element client and launcher etc) it makes me go through a 5 minute process to "Update archive EPW". After this is done, it also makes me update my game, than I can finally play it. I'm afraid to download the EPW patcher because i'm not sure if it will corrupt my PWI files. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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Hey there,
Make sure you have EPW folder added in your antivirus exception list, also i would suggest you redownload EPW using torrent, or Internet Explorer, since they give the least chance of file corruption. Once it's downloaded extract it and start the game using either patcher.exe or elementclient.exe. 
Hope it works

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Did you manage to fix your problem? Just like Three said, adding whole game directory to antivirus exception list might help.
Or try this http://epicpw.com/index.php?topic=14535.msg187624#msg187624