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AiZoX - Hallucination

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Hello everyone, some of you have seen me around lately and requested a new video since I was back, so here it is!

I changed the name of my assassin as you can see, didn't really think it would happen but it did. Won't change much you all know it's me.

Hope you all enjoy !

Sorry about the black parts  at 7:35 and 12:30 render glitched :'(
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The big big Allucinatio 1 of the 3 top gun assassins in EpicPW all from Xpendable (Illuminati lol?) titan quality of what is a basic day on EpicPW (that is, destroying the easies) bye dude

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I like it. Especially since your new name has "Ina" in it. :D
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ur done dude i invented the tideborn assassin u retarded moron
new video: TRYHARDISM http://tiny.cc/tryhardism

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Good video brother
Legendary gameplay damn :)
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Nice video my man, but did rendering fck up? There were many black cuts 

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Good video from legendary assassin. I like the new name brother

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"Back" would be implying you ever left.

You're starting your fade outs too early imo, with riel you cut it when he was full hp still, you started it so early it was unclear if he even died or not. And after 1 mass the black lasted for like 15 seconds.

Enjoyable to watch still, tho.
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"Back" would be implying you ever left.

he did

strong video dude


I saw u getting ez'd by an ea there, GG!

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good video aizox babe.. enjoyable to watch and legendary gameplay  :normal-4: :normal-4: :normal-4: :normal-4:
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You know I wanted to play it just for the music, but since some comment revealed you fought Riel too, I was like "aww, my bitchessss" and changed my mind. I'll watch it later OK   :rolleyes:

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Good shit brother. good music, too bad I've used every trance track brah  :( 
Good video overall though, makes me miss making videos 

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Best sin vs EA  :normal-43:
Nice video and music too
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