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Be back soon.

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I'm leaving to Georgia country for a mountain trip.  I'm back June 16th. I might be able to browse the forums sometimes, I don't know. My brother Alexypk will make sure the server will run smoothly during this time.

When I'm back, you can expect the patch soon after.   ;)



edit: should have left ET in charge 

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Have a nice trip, Sir!

Hope you can give 2x event after you come back! XD

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Have a nice trip!
Fashion patch?? ?? ?? :3

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Now im suddenly hyped about the patch o/ Can't wait =)
Enjoy your vacation!
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Enjoy, Aga! I hope you have an awesome time. :) 
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take care sir hope you enjoy  ;)

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aw have fun aga :)
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have fun sir Agatio.
Have a nice trip!
Fashion patch?? ?? ?? :3

no more fash....pls