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Problems starting the game

Offline Maok

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Is there anyone who can help me with this? 

getting this error message when I try to start the game

I updated (am on game version 110)
I tried to start as admin
I put everything in the firewall
I verified my files...

So if there's something I haven't done yet please tell me so I can join you! :)

Offline Agatio

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Did you check all solutions from issue #3? 

Offline Maok

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I haven't, I'll try

 thank you

Offline Maok

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3. Game client won't open or crashes at start
- Add the game directory to your antivirus exception list  -- Done
- Install DirectX 9.0c by running dxwebsetup.exe file located in EPW/element/ directory and check again -- Done
- Reinstall your graphic card drivers and check again -- Done
- Update your Windows (if your system is outdated it might be missing some libraries required to run the game)
- Install Microsoft Net Framework 4 -- Done
- Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) -- Done
- In the end restart your PC and check again -- Done
- If it still fails, redownload / reinstall the client -- Done

The only thing I haven't done is update windows cause I think thats hell of a lot of work cause I just reinstalled parallels desktop on my mac to play this... So if that's the issue it's going to take a lot of effort to get that done xD 

What would be the specs on the windows update that I need? 

I got a version of Windows Ultimate 64x now 


Offline Maok

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I'm still having the same problems as yesterday..

Really hope you got an idea what it is and that you can help me so that I can play this game again after so many months ;)

I also downloaded the files again as torrent and once in internet explorer to make sure the files were not corrupted, didn't work either..


Is your Windows SP1? New Horizons Expansion requires SP1 to start the game.