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Make restatting easier

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So as many of you WB/WR/EP players out there know you need to have certain builds for certain situations.

As  a WB i run around in full str build during rpk and small scale BUT when there is mass you need to restat or you just get put down instantly. this means 3-4 time a day i have to restat over 600 points of str into con or 600 points of con into str. This litteraly takes me like 3 minutes of holding down the button.

If you could change it so we can just fill in the numbers instead of having to click them 1 by 1(or holding down the button) this would make for faster restatting.

It isnt game changing and people still wont restat during the middle of mass. And if they want to they can do it now as well.

Since restatting is so cheap on this server this shouldnt affect anything at all. just get another annoying thing out of the way.

- make us able to put hunderds of points at ones
- make the speed of the points going in ramp up fast when your holding down the button
Lol i fak you

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If this is possible to program, +1.
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This is how PW designed restating, there's no way for me to edit it. Although I agree that it's dumb the way it is now.

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You can press the button, keep ur mouse on it and use "T" (the squad settings) it makes it appear on it and it goes automatically, so you wont have to hold it

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You can use uopilot for example :-X 4-5 seconds for 600 stats