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Favorite Fashion? :o


Basically, just mix and match and make a fashion that you feel matches you best. Then take a picture, and post it here. c:

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And also  sorry for the first pic that has closed eyes I was too lazy to change it.
It's the clothes that are important.

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  • wik ep.
I play with my fashion 85% of the time I'm pvping...
But these three are cute :<

As well as others. D:
>Wik paper ep,
>still kills Insanity.

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Too lazy to post more lol but I will eventually maybe O.o First one is my absolute favorite.
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New style. :o

And a makeover. :ooo


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Rawrrr<3 So pwetty!

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Rawrrr<3 So pwetty!
My bed. Now. Kthnx<3 ;D
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Steam punk definitely even though I have almost all the fash lol. And quick question why isn't the sexy nurse fash on here?

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it is on here.. i think its in the second npc. i'm not sure which tab but its all the way to the right.

Thankies Lacrimosa & Narcissism
for the beautiful art!

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Here's some of my favorites :)

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