Epic Perfect World

Artifex vs Warning (WR PoV)


Its My First PvP Video
Idk If edited It Well Never Really Made Videos
Hope You Enjoy
Dont Own Any Music.
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zaniah level music

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Oh GOD!!! Nice video tho ^^
Lucy my lovely wifu! <3

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king video king player and gz on not being virgin in media section anymore i'm proud of you sexy kido

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Grtz on 1st video!!

its so nice to see someone posting a video showing off how bad they are. Good Job being original :) 

<3 Jk hun nice video from an okay wr! 

P.S dont worry I give you wr lessons later :) 

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Good job Zirkon bro. Those sigs getting rekt.

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The process you made from salvation until now is incredible.. I am proud of you bro :')

There's nobody better.

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Good video bro ;)
You sexy beast

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omg man enemy so easy I need to teach them how to pk

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Good job virgin wr,i like how you rushed their sigs.

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Mission stop the easies complete...
Nice video bro , love the music

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   Shazzy my cutie wifu!
✿   Ty Royal for the lovely art   ✿

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this guy refuses to die, i love how they tried to kill you with god seal on LOL

now im convinced you're beyond oprych lvl wr :) gg brother