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How about a way to donate for custom fashion? Maybe have echo create?

Because as far as I can tell this would in no way impact anything in the game other than market maybe and even then can be easily fixed by making the fashion bound.

Maybe have a set rate for a set, or item.

And have the players able to decide if they want to "donate" the set to the server as a whole, or just to themselves or certian players etc.

And maybe like how armor has its own tag, they're able to add their own tag to the fashion as well.

Maybe a pricing per outfit, (per piece is a bit strange...) I'd say...10 bucks an outfit? 5 goes to the creators pocket 5 to the server? Hmm?

Any other thoughts I can add to this please feel welcome to say and I'll append this.

EDut: To clear up any misunderstanding: I'm proposing a way to donate, and create a template or some forum for an outfit in the game, to be implemented when a next patch drops. You'd be paying for your creative input to be put into the game, an outfit of your choosing that is within the standards of what ever the game is.
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1.) Depends if Echo will have to think up of an individual's custom outfit or them
2.) Implementing them into the game (updates...)
3.) The amount of players wanting a custom, only one person to design every single one... (unless there is a template?)

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Donate for fashion?  :normal-43: :normal-43: :normal-43:

Why not just go back to Official?

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Add custom guild fashion for donation 

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Add custom guild fashion for donation
^ This. Would be unique for most guilds.

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Add custom guild fashion for donation
+1 this please.
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Donate for fashion?  :normal-43: :normal-43: :normal-43:

Why not just go back to Official?
-1 for this idea.  Too much for on person to do and we have loads of great fashion as it is.

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Add custom guild fashion for donation

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Add custom guild fashion for donation
+1 it'd be less work for Echo
+1 it'd be less work for Echo
+1 for guild. -1 for all else as I can see people getting carried away and poor Echo being turned into a human printer.

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Donate for fashion?  :normal-43: :normal-43: :normal-43:

Why not just go back to Official?
^ It's up to Echo, but I'm -1 on it.
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There's nobody better.

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Well it's just cosmetics and would bring some money to the server so why not? +1, and i like the guild fashion idea,

If Echo doesn't want to or can't do full sets / own shapes or such maybe costum t-shirts would be an option?

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This was suggested before i think.  Well i even suggested it to aga. and offered to make all the custom requests myself for free.

but aga said he wont add custom fash for money for the same reasons he's not adding custom titles or weapons or anything else that requires patching.

p.s. imo, it'll open the doors to more glitches and issues, i.e. people complaining their fash doesn't look the way they wanted, or it's glitching out, etc. etc.  now multiply that by half the player population of the server. = GG. 

As for faction specific fash, i like the idea but too many guilds would want their own fash. With players always guild hopping and making new guilds with the same group of people and what not it'll be a pain ;o 

unless, you make the requirement for the eligibility reasonably high. I.e. guilds must own atleast 4 TW lands in order to request a custom fac. fash. 
Also, put a timer on it, so players that leave the guild won't be walking around with said guild's fash o.o     <- just food for thought incase we do lean towards implementing custom guild fash. 
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Hi Aga when you add TT90 heavy armour set as fashion? I asked like 7 months ago, and I'm pretty sure you said yes '-'