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Got scammed

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Hello guys,

I know what I'm pretty stupid to give someone my e-mail information. So, just don't throw some hate. I've had enough. A friend of mine asked me if he could do some FC runs for his account. I give him the account information i go on the account again in 1 hour and bam my 5k EC, +50 dex tome, dragon dagger are gone. Is there anyway I could get them back? I got him sin name but he has lots of toons.... Is it okay if i post his name? or should i send these information in a private message to a gm or something like that?

tl;dr: I went full retard, got scammed, any help?


Post in helpdesk section, only GM's will read your topic and hopefully help you out.

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the game rules do mention that u will receive no help if u share ur account info
your best shot is helpdesk and hope gms are willing to check...

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Okie guys, tyvm will give it a shot