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Epic Russian Roulette

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How the event works
First 10 players to PM the hosting GM are summoned into the arena
They will stand in a circle around the main GM host who is stood in the center
There will be 2+ Cleric GMs in the room to Magical Shackle each player in turn (with a GM sword)
The shackled player will hit the GM in the center, as if they were pulling the trigger of a gun
If the shackle does not activate, the player is safe until the next round
The player left at the end is the victor

Note: it is common for shackle to be activated on the first hit

- Deaden Nerves is not allowed (Assassin)
- Tidal Protection is not allowed (Assassin)
- Cornered Beast is not allowed (Barbarian)
- Pious Blessing is not allowed (Cleric)
- Do not use ANY skills while shackle is still on you
- No AoE skills
- No APS, 1 skill hit only
- If you AFK you are disqualified for the round
- DCing counts as AFKing unless you come back before your turn

2 Event Tokens
120 Epic Coins
120 Supply Tokens
4 Perfect Element
- Title: Survivalist

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Recorded one of the rounds from today  :-\

Enjoy !