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Could there be a changable mode in ws, to allow us to choose wether we are doing full ws or doing bh, I am tired of waiting 10-20mins just for 1 bh, in that time i could've done 2-4 more bh quests. Do not tell me to do something in my spare time because oviously i dont want to go do something else and forget abt ws, then some1 starts without me.

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It would be nice if it could be implanted tbh, but doubt it can


Can't be done without disassembling the game.

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So you are saying a new feature cant be added without remaking the game?

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Pretty sure this has been brought up before.  Problem being the timer being there is how the instance is set up to work.  The game itself doesn't care about people not wanting to wait for the bosses to appear.

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I'm going to tell you what you don't want to hear.
Go defend a pavilion while you're waiting.

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