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archer r8r wrists ?

are archer rank 8 recast wrists supposed to have a strength requirement cause i checked on barb wrists and they dont have a strength requirement and neither does the rest of the archer r8r gear i find that odd. just checked all the wrists in the reforge and assassin and archer are the only class that have a str req to where the wrists.

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they do need str like 79str i guess if my guess is right

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It's on purpose according to Agatio, ~1 year ago every archer/sin piece except archer boots had 154 str req so we've got it easy now in comparison
i see ok thanks for the replies.

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Keeps the requirement for r8 154 coz w.o only helm LA would have 154, u'd replace by using the arcane one that has only 79 STR and u'd walk around with 40 more dex(u lose 20 from LA helm, gain 60 from difference, 40+ profit) + u get RPD.
so ye, only way to keep requirement for EAs/Sins and keep their dmg in place