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Some how we "lost" that pk.

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aw i always miss the good pk |:
the music wasn't my taste but thats okay,
but i'm glad i wasn't there because them hills is a big no no from me
i hate hill pk!!!
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Hello Sab i like ur vid and i liked this pk  :normal-40:
pk that lasted almost 2h 3mins video
ye u won guys  :normal-2: :normal-42:
2h of pedja dying


Why you guys gotta PK when I'm asleep D;


Nice Video brother
Was Fun PK Warning+GA
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nice video bro


Good pk nice vid

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Nice job Sab. Artifex always wins

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pk that lasted almost 2h 3mins video
ye u won guys  :normal-2: :normal-42:
tbh u lost that lol where ur chi, where ur buff haha idiot 

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nice video sab 


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Nice video man  :police:


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Good video Sab, welcome back!