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Hi! I was curious to see how people thought the classes ranked in terms of popularity.

Give me your list starting with 1 (most popular) to 10 (least popular). I'm not too familiar with this server to give my own observations yet, so have at it!

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EA/Sin/Barb seem to be most popular. I don't see many Mystics around. There are a few psychics, and a couple more Venos than Psys. 

Least popular class?

C'mon guys, you know what I'm going to say.

HA Veno.
Pelnar - Literally Teemo
Hackee - Seeker

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In my opinion:
1) Assassin
2) Archer
3) Veno
4) Wizard
5) mystic
6) psy
7) barb
8 )cleric
9) BM
10) Seeker

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In my opinion too:
  • Blademaster
  • Cleric
  • Wizard
  • Barbarian
  • Assassin
  • Archer
  • Seeker
  • Mystic
  • Psychic
  • Veno


Answers gonna vary for everyone base on their experiences/guild and such haha but here is my opinion:
1. Archer
2. BM
3. Sin
4. Veno
5. Barb
6. Cleric
7. Psy
8. Mys
9. Wizzy
10. Seeker
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1.9323434454545 numbers of Archers
2.7896412252 numbers of Sins
3. 456213 numbers of bms
4. 77777 numbers of barbs
5. 64562  numbers of wizzs
6. 3000 numbers of Clerics
7. 2999 numbers of venos
8. 1859 numbers of mystics
9. 1408 numbers of seekers
10. Me, Anima, noki, ahed, Shinigami, Shaymin, serology,Mentalista :rolleyes: ,Erikz and few psycs artifex, so we are only approx. 20 maybe :police:

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1) Archers
2) Sins
3) Veno's
4) Wizards
5) Clerics
6) Barbarians
7) Psychics
8 )Mystics
9) Blademasters (Unfortunately my favorite class gets 9th place in server popularity :()
10) Seekers

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Um from my perspective i'd have to say in order

1. Sin (i mean...just pop a stealth pot and wahla)
2. Archers
3. Wizards
4. Werefoxs
5. Psychics
6. Barbs
7. Clerics (  ♥  )
8. Warriors
9. Mystics
10. Seekers
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God Tier:

Good Tier:

Average Tier:

Trash Tier:

Lol i fak you

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Popularity i take it as most used by players.
1. EA - even if you are new player and don't know PK much. You'd get into big guilds easier than any class cuz they want DDs for mass.
2. Sin - most overpowered class in game when geared 1v1 wise. Needs plenty of skill and experience to play well.
3, Barb - easiest class to play. spam the new mighty swing. debuff+3spark+occult. welcome to 5 aps of wreckage. Vit barb useful for mass and TW. i personally enjoy playing my sage aps alt atm tho.
4.) Wiz - Learn how to use seals and kite plus channel. spam spark genie and you are good against HA classes particularly barbs but need skill to play well against LAs and AAs.
5.  Veno - probably the best all around class in game.
6.) Seekers - HA class that can GOf magic damage.  the Mystic of HA classes.
7.)  BMs - have got a steep learning curve. but the best CC class. Good Bms are a guild's pillar in mass PK.
8.) Psy - high powered class that can kill any1 save Mystics. ABsorb too OP.
9.) EPs - stronk 1v1 class. vital in mass PK. 
10.) Mystics - strong AA class that have ABsorb soul. Really broken when played well,. but good luck against APS sins.  i dunno why but i don't see much of them around anymore. Must be the steep learning curve and tough to learn to play well nowadays unless it's against a psy.
i quit barb just playin' support classes i am no good in 1v1.

i give up PK too hard everyone too stronk. i guess i'm forever noob x.x

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mage and wr best imo

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First place goes to EAs i suppose, easy to play mass pk wise aswell for 1v1, not so hard to be good on it, really hard to be invincible since its quite squishy too but kiting helps a lot
2nd place goes to mages, a lot of mages made, they are tanky as fck if u have def gears which is cheap to make and quick, really op dmg and just made for pk
3rd place goes to barbs, since 1.5 all ppl play wb since its easy gameplay and doesnt require a lot of timing
4th i guess sin since it deals quite nice dmg if 3.33 or good dph gears with 3spark elimination downsyndrome level, hits hard, gets hit hard, quite a fair exchange, unless u are tryhard/obsessed and go scripts or vit etc in which case sin is broken
5th place goes to venos, op dmg/ tanky as ***
6th is EP, op as fck in 1v1 with def gears since its easy to play, a pain to play in mass unless u have 60 ppl to meatshield for u and faith +ig on 1+2 : D
7th place i guess psys? they are often seen in mass pk, easy as fck to play
8th goes to WRs, 1v1 wise they are bad unless u can stunlock and change a big amount of gears then is op, tanky as fck in mass , cc class, gets boring after a while
9th goes to mystics, boring as *** to play one since its only heals/ 1 combo but gets addictive when u can survive for long time and deal quite a dmg too right
10th i guess is seeker, not many play it, op in 1v1, sht in mass

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In my opinion:

Most popular are Assassins and Seekers. There's a reason a number of facs are closing their slots to these classes. Plus EA's in PvP areas. Least popular for me are Mystics. Idk but maybe when I play they just don't come out lol
Yegeslov - Sage Mystic
Vanislav - Sage Cleric
Kristov- Sage Psychic
Johannof- Sage Wizard