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fun times with your toons

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So i play mystic and sin as mains had good times with them amazing pvp session and met great people ill be returning Saturday but i want to know your amazing time in EPW....so post

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Well..welcome back :) 

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Well..welcome back :)
Thanks yangster can i get a 1v1 when im on

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Fun times...?

Flooring every sin that comes at my Veno (With the exception of Yangster)
Taunting Vookie when he still played and couldn't 3v1 me with two EA pets
Calling Domgrath an ass. (A helpfull ass, but still  :pig-2: )
Bewitching FeelMyPoIson every time it goes off CD
Trying to minmax my PDef and hitting 100k on a Veno
Browsing the forums and trying to advocate for my class of choice when nobody else plays HA WF
"Oops, you're dead" when I try to poke someone as a Seeker and get a GoF crit

All of these amazing times, only on Epic~ <3
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You really need 2 topics on a forum to return back ?
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i arent think so
Kinguin no chance my friend - PashaBiceps

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On Off-topic you wont get any post counted! post farm somewhere else..