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2vs2 Annihilation

So me and maxime's mystic were 1v1ing when randomly Leizo and bewitch jumped on us and killed us and said "gf 2v2", so we partied up and went for a real 2v2 had to start recording from middle because it was safest spot to turn on fraps since its burried i fkin programfiles and not desktop = ) 
ty for watching!

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you are not good
Recent video.

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I'd watch this fight at 1x speed 

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outplayed damn

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Damn so easy, I feel bad for bewitch, he had to party up with most useless support ep 

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Damn so easy, LeiZo doing what he knows best? Run safezone? LMFAO?

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too much def camp 
Kinguin no chance my friend - PashaBiceps

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nice video maxy , easi have been made LOL , 2nd kill was a heiro right? c.c


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dude who is that ep LOOOL so bad....
strange level of outplay , tho i can't wait for people to be mad about speaking the truth

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Absolutely destroyed, good thing the enemy always has amnesia after losing so they can continue acting mighty "remember that 6v6 dude xD" 228-1 combined score good effort dudes

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Good job xpendables!  8)


Rumor has it LeiZo still waiting for duel :police:

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sutch mean to kill ppl in 1v1 :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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About the vids:
Even with your cut you don't even look good.
BeWitch killed you both more than he died.
You lucky we don't/ can't record.
Anyway you know what happend, it was nearly a challenge. BeWitch 3 deaths for what 7 ? 8 ? 9 kills ?

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 :police: :police: As soon as i saw 4:20 length video, I knew it going to be top kek/10 IGN rating video (
)  so I got my blunt and smoked it like the double M&M smoked the easies in this video.  :police: :police: #StayHigh #IsThisRealLife #StarWarsEpisodeVIIIConfirmed