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Which spots are the top PK areas for small PKs or 1v1s?

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Just wanna ask. i know there's always people in silver pool and sometimes outside lost. i used to pk a lot at misfo and west before but now whenver i'm online i rarely see people over there. so yeah. if you know any good spots then thanks.
i quit barb just playin' support classes i am no good in 1v1.

i give up PK too hard everyone too stronk. i guess i'm forever noob x.x

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Mass PK i'd say Silver Pool, Hidden Orchid, West Arch, GOA, Sirry Wine Camp, TOA... Sometimes Cromag, HHV aswell.

Small PK tbh all over. You can find alot of smaller RPK's ( mostly small guilds yes), at places like Shattered Ice, Timberfield, Immolation camp.

1vs1 spot , Sundown (most common tho gets zerged sometimes by randoms), Dragon's End and Village of Naught.

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sundown/sirry/toa/lost/timberfield/goa are some spots.

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Try Hidden orchid, Sirry wine, Sumor camp, Timberfield and GoA at asian time zone, at non asian time zone you can try sigging at sundown (most of the times I have harpooner party ready to clean it) 

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Timberfield, Hidden Orchid and sometimes GoA if you want decent rpk.
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there is many pk spot if u looking for rpk go timber, lost city, hidden orchid, anger village mostly rpk there
if u wanna looking mass pk spot but depends on your guild since only warning and artifex having big pk now days, 
Like adc w, silver pool, Toa, Cromaa, and asian time zone mass pk spot - GOA as well 

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Sundown and north  arch are the best places for 1v1 imo, and you can find small pk almost anywhere tbh

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Ns and shrine of ancestors :-X

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The spots I check everyday for pk are timberfield, GoA, silver pool, west, hidden orchid, and sirry wine camp. Most common spot for 1v1's is Sundown but I do most of mine at Dragon's End.