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New PK Vid

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Some PK vs HellRazor  ;) Still looking for constructive criticism.

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  • How is life this easy?

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A good one dude nice video

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Looked like decent PK man , 2nd (or 3rd idk the most heavy one ) song not exactly my favourite , but overall good video.
Could maybe get some chat cover i'd say , but not a big deal, since not everyone likes to cover stuff on videos.

Glad to see TheClick recording, always refreshing to see new guilds on media section  :normal-42: keep it up man

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good one video


Aww I miss small pk XD good job with pk and the vid D! TC getting better and better! It just bug me a little that one of the ep is on the ground healing the entire time and spamming so much aoe heals  :-[

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nice vid enjoyed watching it only thing I can say to add would be to add a chat cover like Pedro said but that's about it ^^


Nice video man, the songs are nice too. :)

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demon ea are strange nice video, songs are gay

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Just cover the chat and thats about it . Gameplay is alright good stuff , nice video mate ;p


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demon ea are strange nice video, songs are gay
and most very boring...but nice video tho