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Xpendable 10vs10 Invitational

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Since many players are coming up with fairy tales these days claiming they've beaten Xpendable (or can beat us), we put up 50k EC bet fight streamed in 1 week starting today u can bring any team setup u want (u can bring 8 EP 1 WB 1 WR all in con build and run around), u have 1 week to build and train your team. You don't have anything to complain about, this will be bumped every day starting 5/14/2015 till 5/21/2015 (we expect those who talk big the most to show up don't disappoint us)

This isn't fabrication if you're willing and think you have the mental fortitude to accept loss afterwards show up no excuses.

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o.o this will be fun 

5/14/2015 till 5/21/2015 say which day we make a deal for time + date 
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Post here or pm InsoIent, Insanity, Holiness, Mutilate 

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Oki but before anyone build their teams, say your team 1st  ;) only if you scared to share that info.

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i take challenge i can pick anyone i want right sir
but our team should be looking like this; Holiness, Mutilate, Insanity, Silence, Xanadu, Insolent, Malpraxis, Caesar, Scintilla, Reserved for one that is online i guess but its not 100% and can change anytime just to give u guys clue 

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Sounds fun, hope you find someone to accept the challenge, am looking forward to watching the fight^^
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I don't care enough to form a team but if someone else wants to I would participate. I'll put up my portion of the ec. 


Anyways I'm up for it, if anyone makes a squad invite me...

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Locked while cleaning.

Edit: Cleaned now behave please.  >:(
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how can a dead guild challenge someone to 10v10?
The moment when haters become fans *rofl*

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how can a dead guild challenge someone to 10v10?
never resurrect the dead 
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What about no sins? Your pt would be empty then?  ;D

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2 sins don't saved them from disgrace when they accepted 6v6...