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Manifest Virtue/Elemental Invocation

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These 2 are mage skills, both cost 1 spark, both have a 5 minutes cooldown and both are really underrated due to it. I want to ask if you could reduce their cd from 5 to 1-2 minutes, Manifest gives like 7k matk more than the 1st spark and lasts longer but it's based on your mana mostly, so if you dont have your mana buff it wont do much. Elemental is a more interesting skill since it drains mana and chi, the mana one being rather unique, so it gives mages a pseudo support role debuffing wrs/barbs in mass pk, but it can be purified so it's not broken. At the end they both cost 1 spark and mages already need chi for their leaps, buffs, mountains, ice prisons, so they wont be broken but also wont be used nearly never as of now. Feel free to + - this idea.
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-1 wiz's are fine.
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The chi drain skill with 1 min CD would be OP against WRs in 1v1s, 3 min or so would be fine with me tho