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Songs of the Desert - Artifex vs Warning PK

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Some fun pk from yesterday on mg and psy.  Also high factor 1v1 with wife. Enjoy m8s

1. French Montana - Bad B-tch ft. Jeremi 0:00
2. Yung - Ridin Thru the City 3:57
3. Sable - Surf 5:13

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I'm filing for divorce.

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I love u valerie, cute wow lets go on chick fil a date bae ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Also muffles best sage wf lol hahahahahha. Unlike cynderella got kicked from artifex

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PVE at our AFK against the easies of the enemy team as usual lol...Good effort guys ....

Wtf end man LOL i feel bad for Val...

Good video enjoyed  :normal-3:

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good video man  :police:

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Well .... was nice pk i can say :-*
And val im here for you :normal-37:
Lucy my lovely wifu! <3

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Nice video KFC!  :police:

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this tittle *-* , nice video Quinn :c , i think your wifey is mad at you c.c


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''look me i'm pedja''  :normal-11: 
u go boy  :normal-42:

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''look me i'm pedja''  :normal-11:
u go boy  :normal-42:
who is that
Kinguin no chance my friend - PashaBiceps

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Val has the type of laugh that makes you laugh and i love it
this was so cute  ;D

💠 oh I cry, until I just dissolve 💠

❄ Your guardian angel. ❄


nice lol
Ending was best part ; - )

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Glad you don't do that voice during our 1v1s. I'd laugh too much 

There's nobody better.