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Mentalista comments Stormbringer and new patch(New skills for all classes)

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Hello, its me Father, im actually playing on stormbringer in a server from a area of the world where most ppl is white.
I wanna prepair you ppl for the new patch, so i gibe my thoughts about cool stuffs around.

- Stormbringers cast while walking, they cast while WALKING! U cant feel like comming back to your main after play with this stuff. -1 for Beijing on add only cast while walking to stormbringers.

- Auto-cultivation, its a new era of PvE and maybe PvP(If u camp def), this tool is incredible useful for lazy ppl like me, my toon is there killing mobs around, theres apotecary timing too, u just need to calculate the x time atk, y cool down, z walk area, and u find the perfect time for your bot mod, no more third software will be used after patch, only Razer for def camp. +1 for Beijing.

- The action and skills three are in the same menu now, the new way of see skills its cool, because u can see the description of all skills, before u learn it, with all % and effect time, etc, its prevent u from buy skills like Tradewinds that amateurs psys camp idk why.But the skills that u dont have yet, got a darker icon and u cant see it pretty well. +1 for Beijing.

- When u create a Stormbringer or Duskblade, u born in a different map, not in main PW one. -1 for Beijing.

- New skills for all classes

- Now the Auto-path feature of map its better, it make curves if theres a object in your way.

This is all for now, while im leveling i post more stuffs.

If u looking for confusion open this:

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Cool stuff. Im not really excited bout new class but i trust you so yeah have fun. :-)
i quit barb just playin' support classes i am no good in 1v1.

i give up PK too hard everyone too stronk. i guess i'm forever noob x.x
SB's mobile casting does not apply to all their skills tho. Only on about 5 skills. Their more damaging skills are casted on place.
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A friend of me is playing Stormbringer and i play a Duskblade atm (still low lvl both) but the potential these classes have is just strange... I personally like the new skill system thing where u click on your skillbook icon ingame and can directly learn or upgrade skills without having to run to a skilltrainer....
The botting system exists since NH update my friend so its nothing new and i ve always hated it and i am SO GLAD that Agatio took it out here....
The moment when haters become fans *rofl*


dude wtf are you on about........

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That botting feature has been out for ages. Probably about a year and a bit now...

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Nobody cares
agree with you
dude wtf are you on about........

he drunk again and think somebody rly cares about this 


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[9:15:35 PM] Mentorlista: Bro, I'm smoking 3 different types of weed, and some vodka without that nasty aftertaste. Ergo, I'm ****** up...

Go to sleep Menta D:

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Not new patch, i think it was added with 1.5.1

When u create a Stormbringer or Duskblade, u born in a different map, not in main PW one
Why only these races? Every class starts in a different map :sad:

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auto-cultivation is old news, just been disabled here 
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thank god that bot feature ISN'T here it isn't fair some try to auto level when others work their butts off.


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Aren't you a tad bit late? I thought everybody would have checked out the new classes by now...

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Those "new" skills for all classes are passives that came with 1.5 we just didn't (thankfuly)  get them. 

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I think you guys should realize that you are giving him all the attention he is looking for... :rolleyes:

Anyway, you could be normal as everyone and post in this thread what do you think: http://epicpw.com/index.php?topic=18761.0

But since it is you, i dont think the word 'normal' would be easy to find in your vocabulary. ^-^