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loging in problem.

hi to all good day.. im new here and i just intalled pwi client then patch named "PWI to EPW patch ive found somewhere here in forums. then it updates but when i log in it says " Your Current Client Program is Low. pls exit and update"

just asking what would i do? (so eager to play epw T_T)


Hm.. Did you start it through the Patcher, or did you just do Element.exe? Because it may need patching. If not, it may be a problem with RAM or visuals? I'm not exactly sure. If you want a truly knowledgeable answer, from a guy who probably knows exactly what you're dealing with. MageTank will probably respond eventually.
But for my advice: Check to see if you're up to date on patches, or restart your computer, maybe clear out some of the files that are cluttering up your computer.

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The PWI to EPW patch is out dated you will need to download the direct EPW files.

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The PWI to EPW patch is out dated you will need to download the direct EPW files.
See now I haven't been here that long, so I wouldn't know that. x'3
Because I'm a derp. But still. At least offering SOMETHING is better than sitting there and being a bum. :o
Thanks for the Info KratoS, I'll be sure to remember that in case people have that problem in the future. c:
actually i verefied the patch.. it works im on "creating character" stage its just that only male characters available. i cant see female T_T.. btw thanks to Mrai & KratoS for the help.


I would say verify the patcher again, for the female characters. But make sure that your Directx is up to date, as are all your visual drivers. That might help, but I'm not entirely sure.
ill try your advice. tnx a lot... ^_^ such a friendly forum.  :D


Heh.. Well I can't speak for everybody, but I try to be as friendly as possible. If you need anything else though, from me. It'll have to wait until tomorrow, because I'm off to bed. Or maybe just afk for a while. We'll have to see. Mehehe.

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that patch even working to create character will be full of bugs and wont let u progress in the game. the best thing to do is to download the direct client and start the game from the patcher.exe

let us know how it went.
ill just try playing this patch. coz im still downloading the direct client... 7hrs eta using torrent ^_^.. tnx to all who reply..