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Even tho it gets slightly better light nation and dark still suffer from leaving and quitting players.

My suggestion is to base the suppytokens reward on the personal credits and not on the nations score. so the reward u get is ur personal credits compared to the total amount of credits and not compared to the nation credits.. That would mean that a person in light with 20k credits would get same reward as person with 20k credits in winning nation.

But since that would be considered unfair to the winning nations ,I also suggest that there is an added set reward for being in the winning nations for instance if ur in first place nation u get bonus supply tokens or u get a personal credit bonus for being in the winning nation 

For example Frost wins players in frost then get 5k bonus personal credits or they get 100 extra supply tokens 
                     Flame  2nd place players get 3k peronal bonus credits  or get 70 extra supply tokens 
                    Dark 3rd place playes get 1,5k  bonus persona credits  and 40 extra supply tokens
                    Light finish last get a sadnesscard

I think a reward system like this will make nw more fair for the people that stay in worse nations while still rewarding the players in the winning nations . Can also give a nation reward like a gold silver and bronze price chest . 

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+1 but is it possible? xd
light been last nation non stop since 8months nations balance doesn't exist anymore
Last time Tyrants GvG'd Artifex (made them disband)
proof of disbanding
Last DT 9 Tyrants vs 100 Artifex
mage v mage tournament

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Remove light nation gmmmm
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+1 If possible. There's just no balance in nations anymore. I might actually go if this is possible.
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why not just make 2 nations?

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I think its alot more work to reprogram the whole nation war then change the reward formulas. If there are 2 nations and ppl keep doing the same it would even make the problem worse. the dominating nation would pin the losing nation inside their base . Losing nation gives up and noone would have fun 

I made my suggestion this way so people that stay and fight 2 hours in light at least get a fair reward for their effort and not get 100 st compared to 800 st someone in the winning nation gets for doing the same .if my suggestion can be done it would mean both players get 450 st but the one in frost gets a bonus the loser doesnt get 

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why not just make 2 nations?
I was also trying to make NW 2 nations only, but weird things were happening   :-X

Imho 2 squads that actually know what they are doing in the Light nation would be enough to make it first or second. It seems that now people purposely re-enter till they join Frost. Before when there only was 1 pass, Flame nation was always the "bad" one.
So many nation wars threads end up on the same conclusion. If people stopped leaving light and fought like everyone else, the nation would have a chance of winning. It's not about changing NW, it's about changing how players think.

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So many nation wars threads end up on the same conclusion. If people stopped leaving light and fought like everyone else, the nation would have a chance of winning. It's not about changing NW, it's about changing how players think.
change light nation name
to something else LOL

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Lol esra...
I think making a diff point system would be nice indeed. But you cant change the map..

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We cant change the peoples way of thinking because they keep getting rewarded for leaving light and doing nw on another toon and get another nation ..

My suggestion will take away the reward of leaving light to goto better nation and still keep it fair that the winners get a better reward then the losers.
So even if ppl will keep doing the same the people in worse nations will be happier cuz they get rewarded more fairly for their efforts . Instead of trying to focus on changing the people that leave mentality this one rewards the people that stay . And in my humble opinion with my suggestion more people will stay in light cause they wont get 5 or 6 times more if they move to another nation


Nice suggestion tho I rarely join NW +1

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make loser nation get more st.

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It's a feature that's been hard-coded (pretty sure) by a game company that doesn't know the defenition of balance. I doubt any of this can be done, and it has probably been suggested a million times prior to this post.

+1 if possible though

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I'm aware that its a bit easier to get credits in a losing nation 

f losers win more st people wont leave when they are on ;losing team , and if the winners wanna join the losing team and leave the winning team in that case the team that starts losing ppl will become the losing team :P.

There is no reason to leave your nation like this and because of that NW will become more even with people staying in their nation and fight for fun and the bonus reward of winning. 

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+1 something has to be done about it... Let's be honest here, we can't make people suddenly change their NW habits just like that, and it sucks when your success depends on the sheer luck of getting into one of the more popular nations.