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Tactical Reversion

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So as i was trying recently Tactical Reversion isn't working in NS nor NW anymore. Im almost sure that i used them in both areas with success but idk maybe im stupid lol. Anyway has it always been this way or maybe im just really unlucky with proc chance? A friend took off her gear so her Soulforce was nothing and it should be gaurenteed to success but failed. Are you able to use Tactical Reversion in NS/NW? P.S Mortal Reversion is working fine in both areas.

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It never worked outside the world map, even the description says so
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It never worked outside the world map

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its not even working in morai/Dungeons ect.
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it's sad pwi devs made it like that, but I guess it would be op in tw for a squad of mgs to spam it on wbs