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Bella's Boutique - Closed as of 30/6/2015

Hi all,

I have a goodies I am no longer using so feel free to buy them off me.

Tomes: (2kec each)

Divine Ignorance
The Nightwatch

Veno pets:
(1.5kec each)

Evolved Night Owl

Fliers: (300ec each)

Deathgrip Nightmare: Black x 2
Boreas Skylight
Aladdin's Magic Carpet
Firestorm x 2
Deathgrip Nightmare: Red (sold)

Mounts: (300ec each)

Forsaken Boar
Arctic Wolf (sold)

Weapon Fashion: (350ec each)

Cool Ice Sculpture (f)
Hidden Mind Staff (f)
Deification Wand (f) x 3
Prophet's Song (f)
Relentless Finisher (f)
Nebulous Shooter (f)
Reincarnation (f) (sold)
Dimension Splitter (m)
Ashura Destroyer (f) (sold)
Ashura Destroyer (m) (sold)
Devil's Inferno (f) (sold)
Glaive of Destiny (f) (sold)
Sanctity Glaive (f) (sold)
Moonlit Stair (f) (sold)
Radiant Eye Sword (f) (sold)

Event T-Shirts: (650ec each)

Naughty Bear T-Shirt (f)
On the Inside T-shirt (f)
Bullet for my Valentine (f)
Pikachu 3 T-Shirt (f)

Luminance Skill Books: (200ec each)

Violet Dance (Cleric)
Ancestor's Blessing (Cleric)
Aurora Burst (Cleric)
Aurora Blast (Cleric)
Spacial Reversion (Wizard)
Life Reversion (Wizard)
Spoils of War (Assassin)
Veil of Shadow (Psychic)

Leave me private message here or pm me ingame @ Lizabella (the two l are capital i's).
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Interested in Ashura Destroyer M.
I am writing here coz I tried multiple times to contact you but I always found you off ):
So please hold it for me till I catch you on. =P
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