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OK...my kid has this awesome, God-given (cuz it didn't come fr me) talent-she's an artist. I have always encouraged Irie's natural artistic agilities-allowing her to color her walls at age 2, buying her paints/glue/prismas since she was 5....I am blessed that I won't have to worry for her future cuz she got dat....but the other day I took this pic cuz it looked real. And I ain't against Tat's (got my first at 13) but now her father wants to buy her a tat machine kit. Her daddy means well, ik, he a natural born hustler and he seems to think that Irie's talent can let her start earning money.
So....without knowing the whole details and what I gotta put up with....WHAT'S your take on this? Should I cave in and keep supporting her or is this now too much?
Ohh...before u think this dumb that I'm bringing this here....my kid is also a gamer, a great weigher of choices, and I think this, involving my kid in my gaming lifestyle is why my relationship wit her is strong n solid...so please keep ur hate for da peeps that Need it. Tyvm ;)

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It looks real enough, and it's pretty good. I guess a tattoo kit wouldn't be too much of a big deal, unless she was too young, then I would worry about her getting hurt. Or something along those lines.

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There are schools for that right ?
First you need to check if she likes it...tattoos i mean, then, do it for a living...2 diferent things.

She can be good with a pencil and stuff but a machine like that is diferent, i dunno how much those costs BUT you can go to a butcher and ask for left overs of the pig skin and she can practice in there. If she enjoys it after some time and don't get bored, she might decide to follow that road. If she doesn't she can always sell her work for tattoo's artisits, they buy a lot of material...i been there and seen that...

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As someone who used work in a tat shop few years back I can tell you that if she's really into this, the best way to learn is not by buying those kits but by apprenticeship. Having a professional artist's guidance  can provide you with not only skills in tattooing but also everything that comes with it such as sterilization, proper cleaning and even business.. This is of course if she's old enough and really really into it since it takes awhile to actually get a permission to actually tattoo someone (unless you do it on yourself like some of us..  :rolleyes: ).

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If she's interested in tattoos, she could become herself a professional, but I disagree with Gloom about being an apprentice. If what she's doing is original and not a copy (something she saw somewhere and really liked it so she decided to draw it), the only things that I'd suggest her to learn is only the proper cleaning and sterilization. She shouldn't sell her art unless it's really worth it. She could open her tat store, if you can afford it and earn a living with what she loves. If she gets guided by a professional, I believe that she will adapt his style of tating and she won't be that original, just a normal tatist. This is why our era isn't productive at all because we study on the previous eras and we produce nothing. Well that's off-topic, excuse me. If she really likes it and she's not under-aged, she could do what Gloom suggested, but firstly you need to discuss it with her. :)

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Being an apprentice isn't about copying someone's style  but about developing yours and learning all the skills included and I'm sure many artists would give the same advice. Yeah it's possible to be self taught; there are plenty of amazing artist out there that learned this themselves but it is a very tedious job that requires massive responsibility and you really need to be sure you want it. Having someone mentor you gives you an perspective and a dose of realism you need. That's my 2 cents.. it's really nice to see supportive parents I am jelly  >:(